Future I-57


Public Hearing 2022 Materials

The Arkansas Department of Transportation (ARDOT) and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) conducted three Location Public Hearings to present and discuss the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for the proposed Walnut Ridge to Missouri State Line (Future I-57) connection in Clay, Greene, Lawrence, and Randolph counties.

The public hearings were held December 13-15, 2022 in Walnut Ridge, Pocahontas, and Corning, Arkansas. The public was invited and encouraged to visit anytime during the scheduled dates to view meeting exhibits and offer comments about the project.

Exhibits and materials provided during and after the virtual public meeting are included below.



Project Summary 


Project Map


Hearing Packet


Walnut Ridge - Missouri State Line (Future I-57) Connection

Lawrence and Randolph counties


Randolph and Clay counties


Why Are We Having This Meeting?


Purpose and Need


Screening Criteria


Environmental Impacts Table


 Preferred Alternative


What's Next?


Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS)


DEIS Appendicies

Appendix A, B, C

  • Notice of Intent
  • Executive Summary of 2015 Highway 67 Improvement Study
  • Traffic Safety Analysis Technical Report

Appendix D 

  • Agency and Tribal Coordination

Appendix E, F, G, H

  • Visual Impacts Assessment Memo
  • Conceptual Stage Relocation Statement
  • Supplementary Regulatory Context on Environmental Justice Analysis
  • Economic Impact Analysis

Appendix I

  • Screening Level Noise Analysis Technical Report

Appendix J

  • Cultural Resources Information

Appendix K 

Appendix L

  • Waters Technical Report

Appendix M, N

  • Induced Growth and Reasonably Foreseeable Impacts Technical Report
  • Public Involvement

Right of Way Procedures for Acquisition Manual